Selling Secrets

The Inside Lane: The advantage of selling your home with our team

Our team provides our clients with a boutique service experience, dedicated to service and results.

  • We will Find Your Buyer: As members of local and regional real estate boards, we are able to market through them all at the same time– ON REGIONAL & TREB, and within 48 hours through REALTOR.CA.
  • Brokerbay: Also as an exclusive member of Brokerbay, our team is able to pre-market your property reaching out to a network of exclusive buyers.
  • Selling on Your Timeline at a competitive price: Together we will prepare your home. Guiding you through the market we will choose a good strategy and will together determine a good listing price. We will make everything transparent and will explain our strategy allowing to get the best price for you.
  • Handling the Paperwork and the Details: We will assist you throughout the process and will make you benefit from a team of experts (lawyers, financial advisers, contractors, stager, interior designers, landscaper, painters, and insurance agent) that will help make your experience positive.
  • Negotiating for you on your behalf: We are proactive and skilled negotiators to get the best results for you.