Buying Secrets

The Inside Lane: The advantage of buying your new home with our team.

  • Precise Information: Informing you of all available properties on the market relevant to your specific needs.
  • Early Bird: As an exclusive member of Brokerbay, our team is able to have access to listings that are not yet on the market, giving you an early bird VIP access to the market.
  • Market Knowledge: Guiding you through all the process with our thorough knowledge of the market.
  • Openness: Making everything transparent and setting clear expectations.
  • Convenience: Making convenient arrangements to view selected properties.
  • Value: Providing advice to help you make the most informed decision in showing you the current market allowing you to put an offer at the best price.
  • Offer advice: Drafting and making the offer with all appropriate clauses and assisting you during the follow up process
  • Expert help: Helping you finding the necessary experts (e.g. home inspectors, lawyers, insurers)
  • Results: We are proactive and are skilled negotiators to get the best results for you.