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Let us make it easier to Build and Invest.

These days words as Inflation, lack of supply, increase in Prices are used, as also increase in borrowing costs and even recession. So what is happening ? Make it easier to Build and Invest. • We have the Buyers’fatigue with exhausting months of multiple offers situations. • First time Buyers are experiencing one of the most difficult times to enter the market. • Investors are concerned not only to find the right opportunity, and also by the drastic rules of the landlord and tenant board. • We have seen an increase with COVID of migration outside the GTA. • Builders are far behind construction plans because of COVID. • In Canada, Inflation is currently running at about 4 ½ per cent. We now expect to rise close to 5 per cent by the end of this year before coming back to close to 2 % by the end of next year according to experts. • We have a drastic lack of supply, after an unprecedent rise in prices in the GTA (From Jan 2020 to Jan 2021 +31%, since Jan 2021 up to Oct 2021 +13.3%) prices kept more stable since April, since then a lot of people have decided to stay put. All Real Estate segments are concerned from Free Hold to Condominiums. • Immigration is back, a great thing for the economy, everyone needs a roof. What are the solutions ? • Keep calm. • We all need a roof, investors don’t be afraid we need you, everyone does( including the government). Consider how the market has steadily increased along the last decades. • Finding common grounds between peoples, we all need each other, and to do so we have to be careful not to create two worlds, the ones who can afford to buy and the others. • Home ownership is key in Canada as it is the most common retirment plan for mosts. No gouvernement wants to forget about it, and no Canadian too. The only answer is SUPPLY, SUPPLY, SUPPLY. By making it easier to Build and Invest. Never forget to choose to do what is your plan for your life regardless of the surroundings, and with dedication, service and results we will help you reach your own goals.

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