Entries posted March 2021

Lack of supply on spring 2021 market

Good Morning, As a Real Estate professional, I am here to share with you that our market needs supply. Our Industry is considered as essential and this is very much understandable. Everyone needs a roof and even a home where they can live in a secure and comfortable place. Canadians have a pride in ownership and still have this dream if not accomplished yet. Our Industry is organised and agents have to follow the rules and keep clients safe. Every showing is organised in a safe way. Agents have to fill up a form to disclose any suspicion of COVID regarding themselves or their clients before each showing. Wear masks, and use hand sanitizer, wear gloves if asked. In this context, our Real Estate Market continue to rise as buyers remained confident in their employment situations and taking advantage of ultra-low borrowing costs. The historic demand for housing experienced in the second half of last year has carried forward into the first quarter of this year with some similar themes, • including the continued popularity of suburban low-rise properties as in Oakville and Burlington. • It’s also evident that the supply of listings is not keeping up with demand • the detached, semi-detached and townhouse market segments in suburban areas were the drivers of average price growth, with annual rates of increase above 20 per cent in all three cases. • In the absence of more inventory, the current relationship between demand and supply will continue in double-digit average home price growth this year. I know that most Buyers and Sellers don’t Buy or Sell because of a Market but because they have a change in their life and their needs are different. If you have a need, or a dream you shouldn’t delay it as this market is not expected to change soon. There is no bubble. Live your life, live your dream and as a professional I am there for you to make that happen, helping you in the different steps to reach the best results.

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Emmanuelle was an excellent support and guide

Emmanuelle was an excellent support and guide as I dealt with the sale of my father's condo. She is knowledgeable of the market, positive yet pragmatic, and exceptionally communicative. I always felt well-informed and that the decisions were mine to make. I particularly appreciated her attention to detail and persistence in navigating to the close - despite some unforeseen challenges made by other parties. I would highly recommend Emmanuelle to help anyone in their real estate dealings with honesty, professionalism, and care.

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