According to Ipsos, Housing Issues are Important to Voters

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 Written by Emmanuelle in News

TREB has released yesterday the results of a poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs regarding issues relevant to the upcoming provincial election. The poll, conducted by on-line survey of 1200 GTA residents (500 in 416 and 700 in 905) between May 18 and May 22, 2018, found that,

  • Among 9 listed issues (health care, government spending/balancing budget, taxes, housing affordability, energy costs, economy, transportation/traffic, environment/climate change, enhancing social programs), 25% of GTA residents rank housing affordability in their top two most-important issues for the Ontario election campaign;
  • 69% agree (35% strongly/34% somewhat) that a party’s platform on housing affordability will influence who they vote for on election day;
  • Nearly six in ten (56%) of GTA residents believe that government policies should focus equally on increasing the supply of housing and reducing the demand of housing; few believe that they should only be focused on reducing demand;
  • 77% of GTA residents support reducing the provincial land transfer tax and 68% support repealing this tax completely.

What does also suggest the recent polling conducted by Ipsos is that listing intentions are down since the fall. The result could be that competition could increase again between buyers.   

Let us all see what the elections bring to us,

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