What my clients are saying about me

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Written by Emmanuelle in Testimonials

I would like to thank each and all of my clients for their trust, I cherish all testimonials you so kindly provided me with as a memory of a step in your life we did together.

I would like to take the chance to share with you all, the latest of my testimoniasl:
“Dearest Emmanuelle,
There is a French saying that states: "Les paroles s'envolent, les ecrits restent." Hence the reason why I am writing this brief but heartfelt note.
Selling or buying a home is, in my opinion, one of the most demanding process one goes through in his or her lifetime.  As you are well aware emotions run high and logic tends to be deficient.  The role you play is therefore extremely important and so complicated.  Said role, calls on a set of qualities and competencies very
few people can master.  Allow me to state that you have all these competencies and qualities and more.
The technicalities of a transaction are fairly straightforward:
- For the buyer: acquire a house at the best possible price according to the requirements he or she as set forth.
- For the seller: obtain the best price with  the least conditions.

In our case we were sellers. After 9 years in our house the decision to sell was difficult.  Nevertheless you undertook the task of guiding us with patience, dedication and professionalism. Thus immediately giving us a sense of comfort.  Never did you impose your will, your sense of diplomacy is much too great for that even though at times I am sure we made little sense. When the time came to set a price and elaborate a strategy for negotiations you were able ounce again, to put our neophyte minds at ease.  Moreover you never made any promises which you knew could evaporate and leave us bitterly disappointed.
Through your negotiating skills you got us significantly more than we had ever anticipated (even in our wildest dreams).
Emmanuelle you are, in our eyes, much more than a real estate agent.  You are a consummate pro. I sincerely hope we can consider you a friend and call on you again if the need arises in the future.
Kind personal regards,
Serge et Monique »

I would like to add, that I never represent the buyer and the seller on the same transaction, it is the only ethical thing a real estate agent should do in the best interest of his/her clients. It is obviously what I did for Monique and Serge as I did for all my clients.