How will I help you sell your home?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Written by Emmanuelle in Real Estate industry

Let me give you a few examples of questions I will help you answer in our first conversation:

  • Should I wait or should I take advantage of today’s real estate market?
It really depends of your plan or needs in your life, we can speakabout it.
  • I have been out of the real estate market for a long time?
The current real estate market might very well be drastically different from the existing one at the time you bought your home.If you need more information, do you know how to have access to the information relevant in your case?
  •  Should I  choose to sell first and then buy?
Not an easy answer in such a hot and emotional market, let’s talk about it.
  • What are the costs of buying a new home?
I will help you find out.
  • Do I need to renovate before selling?
Every situation is different.
  • Do I need staging?
  • Do you know some good professionals who can help me?
Yes, I do.
  • How are-you going to help me sell?
  • What kind of marketing tools are you using to sell my home?
  • Do you use MLS, which boards,

There are so many other questions you might be thinking of asking…
I am here to help you find solutions in every steps.
Obviously as my client you are unique to me, I will be there for you before, during and after the transaction.