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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Written by Emmanuelle in General

Oakville residents are invited to join the discussion over the next few months as the town continues to develop the Downtown Plan. The Downtown Plan, consisting of two studies — The Downtown Cultural Hub Study and the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study, was launched in early December. Since the launch, the town has asked Oakville residents and business owners to share their ideas about creating a downtown cultural hub and improving the feel and function of the downtown streets. To date, the town has met with over 1,200 people face-to-face and they have shared their vision for the downtown area. The town has also heard from almost 3,000 people through the library and cultural online surveys.

Emanuelle Meyer, a realtor with Century 21 Dreams Inc. on Lakeshore Road West in downtown Oakville, says she is encouraging everyone she knows to have their say about potential changes to the downtown area.

“This will have a big impact on Oakville, a good impact, obviously, and I like the idea of upgrading our downtown,” she says. “I chose to come to Oakville because I fell in love with the town – there are so many great things about it, and we have a good sense of history in the downtown area. I’d like to see us capitalize on that and make it even better.”

Ms. Meyer, who lived for many years in Europe, notes she has clients from abroad who are attracted to Oakville’s charm, and suggests that adding pedestrian-only areas and more trees downtown might contribute to an even more enjoyable environment.

She feels that a downtown cultural hub will ultimately result in higher property values in the downtown area and elsewhere as it will contribute to Oakville’s vision of creating the most livable town in Canada.

“This could be amazing for us,” she says.

If you would like to submit your opinion on the Downtown Plan, join the discussion on the town’s Idea Forum at, email, email your Town Councillors at and, or leave a telephone message at 905-338-4710.

For more information on the Downtown Plan and to view videos of the launch and the January Open House/Workshop, visit

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