Economic Article for 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Written by Emmanuelle in News

As a member of the "Club Canadien", I had the opportunity to attend to a very interesting conference given by the economist Krishen Rangasamy on the economic and financial perspective for 2014.

A few topics which I would like to highlight :

  • Fiscal austerity is less brutal than last year, in developed countries.                         
  • Low inflation in developed countries, we are not expecting any increase of interest rates before 2015.
  • We are expecting that the United States will reduce their debt, their GDP will rise and their growth will take off.
  • In Canada, real estate prices are not going to slump for the good reason that our banks are much more cautious than the United States’ ones, our debt servicing remains very low.
  • The job market is much better in Canada than in the United States.
  • Canada should benefit from the growth in the United States at some point.
  • Furthermore , thanks to the drop of the Canadian dollar, Canada should gain new export markets, that it had unfortunately previously lost.

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